Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mission Map

This is a map of the El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize mission.  It did not copy so well and its an odd mission in that it is split into two areas separated by Guatemala.  You can see the country of Belize in the top middle of the map which is all in Jason's mission and then the small shaded part of El Salvador  (See bottom center) on the Western tip is also in his mission and where the City of Santa Ana is where the mission is headquartered

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Opening the Call

The day after Jason arrived home from BYU-Idaho we all gathered over at his Grandma Richardson's home for the official opening of the letter we had stared at for the past week.  Allison and her family participated by phone from Denver and the rest of the family gathered around excited to hear where Jason was to serve for the next two years.  This is the letter he shared with us after opening...

This is a video of him opening the letter....

 El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission!!
Needless to say we were all pretty we just have to figure out exactly where El Salvador even is...let the research begin!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Receiving The Call

Jason's mission call arrived at our home on December 12, 2012 while Jason was still attending school at BYU-Idaho.  He asked us to open it up without looking at it, somehow place it on a fax machine and fax it to him, which he would then read over Skype in the same room with a lot of his friends at BYU-Idaho.  I don't think I could have opened the call without looking at it (yes, I have no will power, I admit it) and plus I wanted family to share that experience with him so we let the envelope sit in our home for a week unopened waiting for him to finish up his semester.  I think we all held the envelope up to the light a few times, discussed the weight of the envelope to figure out if foreign missions had heavier envelopes than stateside mission calls and discussed all manners of ways to open an envelope and reseal it without Jason knowing we did it.