Monday, February 25, 2013

Receiving The Call

Jason's mission call arrived at our home on December 12, 2012 while Jason was still attending school at BYU-Idaho.  He asked us to open it up without looking at it, somehow place it on a fax machine and fax it to him, which he would then read over Skype in the same room with a lot of his friends at BYU-Idaho.  I don't think I could have opened the call without looking at it (yes, I have no will power, I admit it) and plus I wanted family to share that experience with him so we let the envelope sit in our home for a week unopened waiting for him to finish up his semester.  I think we all held the envelope up to the light a few times, discussed the weight of the envelope to figure out if foreign missions had heavier envelopes than stateside mission calls and discussed all manners of ways to open an envelope and reseal it without Jason knowing we did it.

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  1. This makes me so happy that you are blogging all of this. It's a good thing I wasn't there cause I would have totally opened it I bet. That's torture to just have it sitting on the counter!