Sunday, September 1, 2013

Las Aradas - Week 8

Hey fam!
Another week down in El Salvador. Thats pretty crazy to think schools already starting up. I guess time flies, but goes even faster when your on a mission.
Were taking investigators to the temple again on tuesday, but were not able to go inside the temple. Itll be good though to just go again and ill try to take some pictures and send them. I forgot my camera today, but ill try to send a lot of pictures last week.
This week was another just same old week of the mission. We have a baptism date with Fabian for not this sunday, but the sunday after. I think i might be able to baptize him, but if not ill take pictures haha. He said he can go to church this week, so this will be his third time in church. Im pretty sure he knows more about Christ then i do and he was pretty thrilled to get the book of mormon and learn more about Christ.
Also, since I dont speak spanish all that well ive started just playing with the little kids in families. They all think its pretty cool to have a missionary chill with them, and last sunday I literally had a crowd of little kids around me during sacrament meeting. Its tough to be reverant when you have like ten kids around you but im pretty sure the parents liked time away from their kids.
Thats fun to hear that theres a new temple movie. Im pretty sure theres a different movie for spanish and english, so i dont think ill see the new temple movie until I get home. The last one was kind of out of date though, but i heard it was like the premier of a movie when you went with a long line? haha
So are allison and guy in colorado? Is melissa back living at home for now or what is she up to? Is kyle nervous for Lone Peak?

Well love ya fam

Elder Richardson
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