Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leaving Utah and first letter from Guatemala

I will put pictures of the airport on here soon but wanted to get Jason's first letter posted after he got to the Guatemala MTC.  More to follow....

Hola Mi Familia!,
Just wanted to write to say I got to Guatemala.  Lets just say the bus ride over was crazy.  It was pretty much Mexico driving times 10, I dont know how we didnt get in an accident.  There were even more missionaries on the flight from LA, and half of the plane was missionaries  I seriously havent slept since monday night so Im pretty tired.  Dont worry though I havent dozed off in any classes yet.  The MTC president and his wife talked to us today and shared their testimonies.  Therir pretty impressive people!  The MTC president shared a story similar to the stake presidents about how its the little things you do on a mission that decide if you are an effective missionary. 
The food here is actually pretty good.  The best though so far has been spaghetti since its american food haha.  The MTC president told us theyll ease us in slowly.  I was actually able to put down some beans today too!  They wernt all that bad but I definitely would still not choose to eat them.  Also, I have a funny story.  Apparently all the new missionaries hair cuts are too long and a lot of us got dragged outside to get haircuts.  Kinda crazy though since I just had my hair cut last week!
Apparently I was supposed to bring the shot vaccination form that was filled out even though we filled it out online.  They told me to have you guys scan it to me so we are kind of in a pickle.  Do you guys still have it?  I dont know where it said to bring the yellow form but all the missionaries brought it but me. 
My district is filled with some pretty funny guys so it will be fun getting to know them.  I also have one american roommate so far whos from California and one native.  Their pretty cool! well talk to you guys later.

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