Monday, April 29, 2013

Guatemala MTC - Week 2

Well, I guess we have time to write families on either mondays tuesdays
or wednesdays. This place has an a lot more flexible schedule then
Provo, haha. And the enter key isnt working so this'll just be a long
paragraph. Time in the CCM is starting to go a lot faster! In some
ways I wish I could just go to the field right now. I would pick the
spanish up, right? Spanish is actually starting to come along really
well. Our Latinos in our room are leaving tomorrow, which is kinda
sad since they teach us a lot of spanish. Pretty much every night
they teach us spanish and we teach them english. I think we get new
Nortes and Latinos on Wednesday, so I'm just hoping we get some good

The foods still really good at this place. We had lasanga last
night, I just wish we could get seconds! Umm ..tomorrow is P-day so we
get to go to the temple and some market. I think I am just gonna buy a
soccer jersey though. I am also excited to finally have an opportunity
to go to this temple. Oh yeah... and we go to Wendys! It will be nice
to be able to have a nice cold Dr Pepper!

Last night we watched some talk that Jeffrey R Holland gave to the
Provo MTC in January. In some ways I wish i was in the Provo MTC just since
they get more Apostles speaking there then we do. I think Hollands my
favorite apostle though, he makes his talks funny, but he definitely brings
the Spirit! He just talked about how if you convert nobody but yourself
on your mission, its a successful mission. I think one of the twelve
apostles is coming to speak in like three weeks here. That'll be fun, I just
still remember having Christopherson come speak when I was on my mini
mission. It was a great experience!

Umm... Sundays here are kind of intense. I haven't been
called up to give a talk yet, but you have to write a 5 minute talk in
Spanish and then for Sunday school prepare a ten minute lesson with
your companion in english. Its just random for who goes up to teach.
I pretty much just copy a section from Preach My Gospel,  though and then write a
paragraph of my own with the help of the Latinos.

All in all, im just ready to get out into the field!

Love you guys! Jason

Oh also, can I get both Grandmas email addresses? It would be fun to write
them sometime! When does Mark enter the MTC? Also, do you guys know
if Nathans started his papers yet? I can already tell a mission will
be a great experience, its kinda just nice to get away from the world
and focus on strengthening your testimony for two years! At least
thats how I feel two weeks in...haha. Sundays here kinda feel like EFY.

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