Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Letter to Allison

Below is a letter that Jason sent to his older sister, Allison, it provides some more information regarding his companion...

April 28, 2013

Hey allison!
                                          Hows things in Colorado?
Thats pretty cool a BYU player went 5th in the draft! Hes supposed to
be pretty good!  Do you know who the Bengals chose?  Ty sounds a lot
like me when I played soccer, for my one game haha.  Ha fish is a
pretty good incentive though, i guess.  The boys are gonna be huge
when i come home!  Yeah dads keeping me up to date but I didnt get an
email from them this week.  I told them I write on wednesdays and then
this week Im writing on a monday! I guess it just depends on the week.
The teacher just said for people to write on Sundays.      Umm well
random thing but my companion has a fake eye!  It shocked me when he
took his eye out haha.  I guess he had glaucoma when he was like 5,
but hes a really good companion.  Hes into cars and told me how he
went 170 miles an hour running away from the cops one time.  Pretty
crazy haha.  Sadly, they took cameras the first day so they wouldnt
get stolen.  I kinda wish I had just kept it, but I guess their a
problem here with stuff getting stolen.  Umm I think we get our
cameras tomorrow though when we go to the market and wendys.  Itll be
a good day!  Btw thanks for making me that journal thing.  Its really
nice just having it to read every once in a while while im here.  Hows
BB doing with soccer?  Yeah with rolling rs I just kinda stopped
practicing.  If it comes it comes, but i mean people will still be
able to understand what im saying even if i cant roll them!  Well four
weeks until El Salvador.  Talk to you guys later!

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