Monday, May 13, 2013

Guatemala MTC - Week 4

Hola familia!
Happy birthday Mom and Brayden!  Where are you guys going to dinner?  Its my companions birthday too so the hermanas in our district set up decorations and stuff for him.  It was pretty fun, but it made me think of you guys.  Times flying in the CCM.  Were still just sitting in class 16 hours a day and studying, but I guess thats the best way to pick up spanish!  I got a pretty cool district though so its all good.  We have to goof off sometimes right?  I dont know if I told you guys this yet but theres three elder companionships in our district and two companionships of hermanas.  Its pretty crazy, but right now like half of the ccm is from arizona! 
Those were pretty cool pictures you sent dad.  Yeah you can send pictures whenever.  Im glad Iron man was good, ill have a lot of movies to watch when I get back.  Also, about the reds, yeah our farm system is stacked so hopefully we have a lot of good problems like that this year.  Is aroldis chapman still closing?  Is votto still leading the league in walks?  Has Billy Hamilton been called up yet?  He will be a beast when he finally gets the opportunity to play.  Thats pretty cool too how the Bengals took reid fragel.  He was always a consistent player, but never amazing.  I hope he makes the team though itd be cool to get some ohio state players on our team.
Jason is on right end of row 2
This week not being able to roll my rs is really starting to bug me.  Other then that though, spanish is coming along well.  Our teachers pretend to be investigators, so my companion and I teach one teacher one day, and the other teacher the next day.  At first it was tough, but our lessons are starting to go a lot more smoothly.
Tomorrows p day so we get to go to a field and just play sports, and then were going to look at a chapel.  After that, were going to wal mart.  Itll be tough though because we only have a half an hour at wal mart.  I really just need to get some tide to go pens.  My companion has one, and i think ive used more of it then he has!  I think im gonna try to buy some pop too, and maybe a bib haha.
Oh remember how my watch broke?  My companion fixed it.  We just had to press the knob thing back in, so I cant change the time now, we cant get it back out.  Well time in the CCM is going well.  Spanish is coming but rolling rs arent.  Umm keep the letters coming! Its fun getting a letter every once in a while. 
Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdedero.  Yo se que Jose Smith fue una profeta y Thomas S Monson es la profeta en la tierra hoy.  Yo se que leyiendo el libro de mormon traje?  bendiciones.  Okay im still not a pro at spanish but itll come.
Con Amor,
Elder Richardson
Editor's Comments:  Linda and I laughed at his comments about his watch because we thought maybe he just didnt know to push the button on the watch in...we are such smart parents and glad he has a companion that knows about wristwatches...we will still send him another though because he will need to change the time when he goes to El Salvador in another time zone...

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  1. Haha so funny about the watch. Sounds like he is doing so good!