Tuesday, May 28, 2013

El Salvador Arrival

We heard from Jason that he arrived in Santa Ana, El Salvador safely today when we received the following brief email:

Hey family,
Couldnt read your email but i got to the mission house in El Salvador.  Gonna be an adventure.  I think my P day is on monday so ill write you next week.  Love you guys!

Elder Richardson
I have been following some other missionaries in Jason's district that traveled with him today and saw one of the sisters posted the following pictures of their arrival by bus at what looks like a church in Santa Ana.  I hope she doesnt mind me reposting them just to give you an idea of what his arrival looked like..I was hoping to see him in the background but no such luck...sigh...

I'm sure Jason is happy with a Subway lunch before he enters the world of rice and beans and beans and rice depending upon how close he is to the city of Santa Ana in his first area

His mission president is the tall man on the right...Jason let us know he is a Michigan graduate which he will make an attempt to ignore  :)

This is Jasons Mission Presidents wife with her back to us..

Jason's MTC district on the bus to El Salvador

Cant wait to hear next Monday about where Jason is assigned and his experiences from his first week in El Salvador (or I guess he still could be in Belize).  If I understand the process, the location of his first assignment will dictate which mission he will be assigned to for the rest of his mission...

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