Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guatemala MTC - Week 3

Hey family!

Three weeks down, three to go.  Spanish is starting to come a lot easier, but rolling r's still isn't coming.  I feel like all they do in Spanish is roll their r's,  haha, but im still hoping it will come. If it doesn't, do you think i'll be able to communicate with people without being able to roll my r's? Last tuesday we went to a large concrete relief map of Guatemela in a park and the MTC president explained to us how the Book of Mormon may have happened in Guatemela.  We then just went to a market, but we couldn't buy any food.  Were going to Wendys I guess on this coming Tuesday, and we're just going to a field and playing some sports.

We've been to the Guatemela temple twice so far.  It's a really small room, and theres only like twenty people in each session.  Its usually all missionaries, and some of the temple workers are the witness couple in it. They then bring more workers in to be in the prayer circle, since we aren't allowed to be part of it.  It's a small temple, and the celestial room is pretty small too, but its the highlight of the week to be able to go to the temple.  That five minutes I spent with dad just talking about the temple helped a lot, and its a lot less nerveracking now.  Yesterday was p day, and we just went to the temple in the morning, and came back and played volleyball all day.  Its fun being pretty good since we played so much in Cabo!  Oh there was a Southwick working at the Guatemela temple.  I didnt have time to talk to him, but do you guys know if he has any relation to stacy and mark?
How was Iron man?  I guess thats my first movie so far that i'll have to watch when I get back.  It will be fun to have a bunch of movies to watch in two years! Time is starting to fly by, and I've already realized i'll be home before I know it.  The spirit really is strong here.  We had another member of the seventy come yesterday to talk to us, he was latino but I guess hes given a couple talks in General conference.  It really is just great to be able to hear from apostles of the Lord almost every week.  He just talked about how we're all in our mission area for a reason, and even when we're discouraged, just remember were here for a reason.  That was a refresher for me because it it really tough to not be able to roll my rs!  Its just crazy to me how i'm the only person here that cant do it.

So did you and dad go to a Dbacks game?  Who did they play?  We def have to hit that stadium up when I get home since it will be the start of baseball season.  I really miss just chilling and watching baseball, but its nice to get away from everything in the world.  I got four new roommates last week.  The latinos dont talk that much, but the new nortes we got are pretty cool.  One of them is from Oregon, and ones from u
Utah.  They're into sports, so we talk about college football a lot.  They both go to BYU.

Umm my companions name is Elder Dickerman.  Hes from Cali, and hes a pretty funny guy.  We don't have very many of the same interests, but hes still a pretty cool guy. He told a story about running from the cops and he went 170 miles an hour, but got away.  Pretty crazy... haha.   He had glacoma when he was five and lost one of his eyes.  He pretty chill about it though, and we joke about it a lot!  My whole district calls me a Democrat since we lived in Ohio for so long, but I guess its just because ohio kinda decided the election.  Its all good. Umm my district has three sets of elders and two sets of sisters in it.  Its cool being in the MTC at this time because the sisters really are stepping it up and i think theres more sisters in the MTC right now then elders!  Everyone in my district is pretty chill though.  One thing I realized just by talking to some of the people in my district is just how blessed I am to be from a strong family.  Theres a few missionaires in my district that have had a lot tougher lives then I have.  A couple have dealt with things like being homeless, or abusive parents, and just really rough childhoods.  Its cool though to hear their stories of how they dealt with it, and how much stronger it made them.  Thanks for being such a cool fam!
Thats too bad Kelly got in a car accident.  Is her car totaled?  Guess i'm just happy to hear shes okay and all.  So i need both grandmas addresses and email addresses.  I think Ill put letters in the mail for them sometime.  Tell grandma peel happy birthday for me!  Do you  guys know how Ryan is liking his mission so far?  Umm the food here continues to be really good.  I think their trying to fatten us up for when we lose a ton of weight in the field!  Sundays after church we just have a lot of personal time and then we have a couple devotionals.  Usually we just watch a couple church movies.  How was kyles birthday?  Where'd you guys eat?  Whats happening in the NBA playoffs?  Thanks for all the sports updates to they're nice to get!

Oh dad I got you letter in the mail.  It was fun getting a box score and all that.  Oh also I guess we cant call for mothers day.  Kinda dissappointing, but its just too much of a hassle I guess to find phones for everyone here to use to call families.  Maybe ill call when I leave?  Not sure though.  Love you though Mom, have a good day!  Umm im not sure if ill write you again before your birthday so happy birthday to you and BB!  Umm I bore my testimony in church on sunday, my whole district did too though.  It was cool because not very many nortes bore testimonies.  All the Latinos went up and waited, so there wasnt too much time after they were all done.  It was in spanish so it was pretty basic, and i have no accent, which is tough.  I'm really just hoping it'll all be fine when i'm in the field.  Do you guys know the names of the elders whos blogs you found?  I wonder if i know them.  Well have a good week, happy mothers day, and enjoy Grandmas birthday!
Love you guys!


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