Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guatemala MTC - Week 5

Hola mi familia,

Time at the CCM is starting to go faster and faster.  Its pretty crazy to think that i only have a little more then a week left.  Umm what happened this week?

I tried the hottest hot sauce in Guatemela.  I was the first in the cafeteria to do it, so I probably took way more then I should have.  Its called the devils blood, and lets just say I was a mess after I tried it, crying and all.  After I did it, all the elders and most of the hermanas in the cafeteria tried it to.  It was a pretty fun lunch.  Food here continues to be really good, we had burritos for lunch yesterday.  Im nervous for the field though and having to eat beans every day though haha. 

Remember how I said Quentin L Cook was coming?  I guess something came up and he cant come anymore, so were listening to a member of the quorm of the seventy tonight.  It will still be nice to hear from an apostle of the Lord.  We also went tracting on the street this week.  It was tough, and we couldnt really understand anything since they were talking so fast haha.  Im pretty sure one guy chastized my companion I for a while about how we wont go to heaven since were not catholic.  All in all it was a fun experience and we placed one libro de mormon.

Tomorrows my last pday in the CCM.  Its pretty crazy to think about that.  I continue to play a lot of volleyball though, and im getting pretty good!  We also got new latinos last week.  Their really cool guys.  I had a conversation with them last night for like an hour.  Im starting to realize ill be fine withought being able to roll my rs, but regardless its still tough to deal with.  We wanted to do a spanish session for the temple tomorrow, and go to the temple with a latino district, but I guess were not allowed. Im also reading Jesus the Christ right now.  Its actually a really good and interesting book. 

Umm funny story.  At the food court last week my companion and I were ordering, and we said "yo quiero un bebe".  We though that might be drink since the verbs beber, but apparently its "I want a baby".  It was pretty awkward because we were talking to a girl at pizza hut.  She just kinda stared at us and started laughing.  Last week I had pizza hut ( my companion paid for that) I paid for our mcdonalds, umm I had taco bell and burger king too.  It was great to be able to eat some american food! 

So travel plans for next week.  I think I leave on tuesday at like nine in the morning.  It should be a good time!  Its a four hour drive to El Salvador.  I still love my district, best district in the CCM.  We goof off a lot, but we get done what needs to be done.  Its pretty crazy ill have a new companion in a week!  I was talking to one of my maestros about that, and she said theres a good chance ill have a latino trainer.  I guess thats a good thing though.  Spanish is coming along right now, but we still speak a lot of english, so it should come faster when im in the field.  Oh another funny story.  Last week I talked with a latino (pretend invesigator)  whos my mission president cousin.  I guess my mission president went to the United States to go to michigan for college.  Ill  try to not think about that when I meet him haha.  His cousin was a really cool guy though.  His cousin  was on a bus here and his bus got mugged a few years ago.  Since he didnt have any money, the robbers shot him twice in the head.  he lost an eye, but its a miracle he survived.  He talked with my companion and I about how improtant obedience is on a mission, for safety and also just more blessing come when your obedient.  He also talked about his mission in Peru, and how much obedience blessed him on his mission.   It was good to hear, and since I was getting up at 635 occasionaly, hearing that made me starting getting up at 630 on the dot haha.

Good to hear about how the reds are starting to do better.  St Louis is just good every year, but hopefully we can finish on top in the division.  Theres still a ton of time left!  Umm I also noticed mom sent a blank email this week, probably an accident, but I just thought Id let you guys know.  Hope alls going well at home.  Oh if you guys havent sent a package yet, put some peanut butter and beef jerkey in it!  Peanut butter is crazy expensive here haha.  Oh one more thing.  I had someone this week come up to me that knows uncle dave!  I forget her name but she was a senior missionary, and Daves her stock broker.  I guess Uncle Dave wanted to check up on me haha.

Yo se que la iglesia es verdadero.  Se que Jose Smith fue una profeta y por medio de sacerdocio, Jose Smith fue poder? de restaurar el libro de mormon.  Missions are great glad I have this opportunity.

Con Amor,
Elder Richardson 

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