Friday, June 28, 2013

Las Arada - Week 3

Dear Family,
Yeah it rains every night here.  It only downpours for a couple hours, but when I say downpour, its definitely the hardest rain ive seen in my life.  Our apartment is pretty nice, its two stories, and we have a microwave.  We dont have an oven though haha.  I guess ill be in this area for twelve weeks, at least.  It kinda depends how long your in an area, because some missionaries I talk to change areas every six weeks, but my companion Elder Salas has been in this area (Aradas), for 7 months of his mission.  I havent really been handing out the pictures we bought that much, but I am handing out the rings to little kids here.  They think their pretty cool.

 Im getting to know my companion a little better, but my spanish is still pretty bad, so not that much.  Hes a pretty cool guy though with a strong testimony.  His moms inactive, but the rest of his family is pretty strong in the church.  My shoes are fine.  I just wear them untied because I get blisters when their tied.  Its all good though.  Yeah I like where im at.  Its definitely really pretty, and we walk probably five miles a day here.  Im pretty sure im losing a ton of weight.  The people dont have a lot of money, but their pretty humble and everybody lets us in to talk about the Gospel.  A lot of them like what our church says about being able to live with your family forever. 
Im starting to like the food here a lot.  Papusas are really good and frijoles here arent even that bad either, their definitely better then they are in the US.  They dont really it that flower papusa thing either, so I guess thats good haha.  Every P day here we get wendys or pizza hut, so i get a taste of home every week. 
Apparently my ward right now is a branch off another ward.  Because of this, my branch only has like 20 people in it.  Its a lot like the... greenfield brach in ohio?  Our  first counselor just got back from his mission in Argentina like three months ago, so that kinda tells you how small our ward is haha. 

I need to send some pictures.  I was going to send some today, but I forgot my camera so ill try again next week.  Life here is going well.  At least for now, this is the hardest thing ive done in my life, but im just hoping it will improve.  Ive only been here for a month, but im learning spanish slower then a lot of missionaries.  Mission life is good though, and im just trying to make this the best I can.  Well love ya fam, ill try to send some pictures next week. 

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