Friday, July 12, 2013

Las Arada - Week 4

June 28
Dear Fam
So i don't have that much time to write today because I had to figure out how to send pictures.  I sent them to allison too in case it doesnt work sending them to you.  So missions are tough haha, though.I'm starting to adjust to mission life.  Waking up at 6 in the morning is starting to become easier, and im starting to get used to walking like  5 miles a day haha.  (Below is a picture of the roads he walks every day in his area, I'm assuming that that is his companion, Elder Salas and this is Jason's view for much of the day)  My spanish is also starting to become better and better.  During personal study, I read the book of mormon in spanish and english, so thats helping a lot.

About the missionary fireside last sunday, I did watch it, but i didnt understand most of it.  We listened in spanish at our stake center.  Im starting to be able to talk more and more with Elder Salas though, because spanish is starting to come along.  We started just buying papusas every night haha.  Their seriously one of my new favorite foods.

We have a baptism date for Sunday.  The guys name is Fabian Antonio.  Hes really interested in the church, and has no problem with anything.  He thought not having to drink coffee was different, but he stopped because he has a pretty strong testimony that our church is true.  Hes an older guy too, hes 73 years old.  Here, everybody lets you in for one lesson, but a lot of times they dont want you to come back.  Its different then a US mission though because everybody is outside, so they kind of have to talk to you haha.  Ill probably be able to send a picture next week after his baptism. 

Also, I think zack went to michigan, but not detroit.

El Salvador is rainy, but at least where I am it only rains at night.  It usually starts at like 730 or 8 at night, and we have to be in our house at 830, so it doesnt really affect us that much.  Theres no sprinkling here though, its definitely a downpour every night.  Im just waiting for an earthquake my companion said hes had like three since hes been here. 

I guess everybody has a difficult time their first couple months of missions.  I guess ive wished a
couple times that I was in an english speaking mission, but I also know that if this is where the Lord sent me, then this is where i need to be.  Spanish is a skill ill use for the rest of my life, so i guess i'm kind of glad too to be able to learn a new language.  Its definitely tough, but this is where I need to be.  Oh also, we switched buildings for church, so im inside now.  We were actually always a branch off of a different ward, so we are just in that ward now.  Its fun being able to talk english with Hermana Peterson every week now haha.  Well I gotta go but love ya fam.  Ill send pictures of my house and church next week.

Elder Richardson

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