Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Las Aradas - Week Six

Hey fam!

It sounds like the trek was quite an adventure. That was fun to read about your guys experiences.  Hard things definitely strengthen you, but they're tough when your doing it.  Ive already seen how a mission is strengthening me, but it would be a lot easier to just be at home in college.  The biggest thing im learning right now is the importance of praying daily.  A veces, (At times)I forget to pray, and it seems like those days where I dont pray in the morning are always more difficult, and my spanish doesnt seem to be as good.  Its pretty crazy. 

So our baptism date that we had didnt go through. Hes in San Salvador for this whole month, so we cant talk to him right now.  We have two investigators right now though that are really interested in the church.  One is a single lady thats like 60, and she has doubts but says she likes our church.  Shes been to church once.  The other is a guy named Edwin.  Hes probably like 30 or 35, and also really likes our church.  He works on Sundays though, so its tough to get him to church. Hes a great guy, and   Were just gonna try to call him every week.   Thats a tough situation for Allison and Guy, ill keep them in prayers.  Is it fun having them live with you guys?  

So I got a new companion.  Se llama Elder Solano, y es de Peru Trujillo.  El solo tiene un mas cambio de mi, pero es el lidre de districto y es un my bueno misionero.  (His name is Elder Solana and is from Trujillo Peru.  He has only been out on his mission for one more change than me but he is a District Leader dn a very good missionary)Im actually 13 days older then him haha.  Its an adventure because were both newbies, so we dont know what to do sometimes, but its an adventure.  I actually like having a new missionary, because I feel like I have to talk more then with my other comp.  En serio, el memoriza toda el libro de mormon.  (He has seriously memorized the whole Book of Mormon) His lessons are all just reading scriptures and explaining them, but his lessons esta muy bueno!  It was also an adventure because I stayed in my area, so I had to memorize my whole area, but I actually did pretty well.  Nosotros comimos pupusas cada noche, y pupusas esta muy bien!   (We eat Pupusa's each night and Pupusa's are very good!)

Jason and his new Companion

It looks like the reds are starting to fade.  5 games back?  Im just continuing to hope none of my teams win championships while im gone! 

Apparently a Cockroach infestation
Well have a good week fam.  Love you guys!

Elder Richardson

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