Sunday, July 14, 2013

Las Arada - Week 5

July 5, 2013
Hey fam,
Okay, I dont have that much time to write today, but i'll send a short email! Time here is starting to go fast. Its crazy when your working all day every day how fast time goes. Right now, its just a lot of tracting and studying, how a mission is supposed to be I guess. I'm also starting to talk more in lessons, and some people can understand me and some can't. Its no big deal though I feel i
I'm improving slowly haha. I'm just hanging in there right now, and hopefully after a year i'll find myself able to speak spanish. The only thing i'm really struggling with right now though is i'm really not a big talker, and on a mission you have to lead the conversation. Also, obedience is tough haha. Of course i get sent to the mission that has to wake up at 6 in the morning. I think this is because I slept through classes in college so i need to learn how to wake up haha. I can definitely feel this mission changing my life, with only a month in the field.
July 4th was definitely really weird here. We had zone meeting, so all of the gringos were talking to each other about the 4th of July, but it was weird for it to just be no big deal for everybody here. Independence day here is July 25th, and I hear its a big party just like the 4th is in the U.S. Being here and seeing some of the poverty here definitely makes me happy to be an American. Downtown detroit here would be like the nicest city here haha. 
We were supposed to have a baptism on Sunday, but it fell through. He had been to church twice, and needed to go one more time, but wasnt at church on Sunday. Its tough to have your mind set on a baptism, and then have your investigator not show up to church, but if hes at church this sunday we should be able to baptize him this sunday. Its just tough because he has to work a lot of sundays. He seems like he has a testimony about our church though, and hopefully well get lucky this sunday. 
Youll have to send me a lot of pictures when kelly has a baby. 4 months! Also, glad allison and guy found a house. Hopefully their move will go well, and theyll get the house they want! How was the 4th of July, and did you guys spend it with richardsons? Last night was the first night ive felt homesick, but this is where I need to be at this time in my life! Oh also, I got your packages like a week ago, but just forgot to tell you last week. You should put a ton of hi chews in the next one haha. Ill fast for allison and guys move to work out on sunday. I thought fasting was tough before, but now having to walk 5 miles a day while fasting, its a lot tougher! We pay fast offerings, but no tithing.
So you guys wanted to know what I do on p day. On pdays we wake up and have personal and companionship study, and then after that go to an internet shop? and write families. Its just a place with a ton of computers haha. After we just go to the supermarket, and clean up our house. Our pday ends an hour earlier then its supposed to so we really dont have all that much time. Its tough not having a dishwasher and washing everything by hand. For washing clothes, we just have a lady in the ward that does our laundry, but most areas you do your laundry yourself. We pay her like 15 bucks a month, which is a lot but its definitely worth it haha. Well love you guys! 
Elder RIchardson

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